Covid 19 and Retina Care

We have a few changes we will implement to facilitate your examination.

1. Appointment only. Please be on time.

2. Limit talking while on slit lamp exam to reduce droplet spread.

3. If you are sick, eg cough, fever, muscle pain, loss of smell, please reschedule your visit in 14 days. If you have been exposed to Covid positive patient within 14 days, please wait another 14 days to see us. 

4. Please wear mask. 

Surgical Care:

Urgent cases will need to be done with rapid antigen tests and/or recent Chest X ray. Due to urgency, RT-PCR test may not be practical, or we may elect to do surgery while waiting for results, if its deemed that further delay of surgery will affect the result of surgery. 

Elective cases may need to undergo Rapid Antigen Test or  RT-PCR testing for Covid. 

Thank you for your understanding. 

Please call/viber/text 09228787420 or fb page @manilaretinaspecialist for appointments.